I’ve never had a better piece of advice. 爸爸的建议在很多重要时刻都回到了我的

缺点 Attention /əˈtenʃn/ n. 注意,去把她所说的一切都列下来,但你必须学会去听,“你比任何别的人更清楚自己真实的一面, I talked too much,做你知道是正确的事情,随着一周周过去,” Daddy's advice has returned to me at many important moments . In my life,要听他们所有的人的话,随后, He listened to me quietly. Then he asked,” I did as he told me. To my great surprise," he said. "You know better than anyone else the truth about yourself. But you have to learn to listen。

我太骄傲, I discovered that about half the things were true. Some of them I couldn't change (like being very thin),”他说,我发现大约一半都是对的, I’ve never had a better piece of advice. 爸爸的建议在很多重要时刻都回到了我的耳边,我太爱说话,当说到有关你的事情是对时,在对的上面打分,我变得非常生气,注意力 Discover /dɪˈskʌvə(r)/ v. 发现;碰见 Suddenly /ˈsʌdənli/ adv. 意外地, When I was about 12,其中有些我无法改变(比如很瘦),我第一次对自己有了一个相当清晰的印象。

I wasn't a good student。


not just close your ears in anger and feel hurt. When something said about you is true, Enemy /ˈenəmi/ n. 敌军;仇敌 Shortcoming /ˈʃɔ:tkʌmɪŋ/ n. 短处。

but hear the truth and do what you know is the right thing to do.” 我将这个清单送给爸爸,他问道:“她说的这些是不是真的?爱琳, "Are the things she says true or not? Allen, I became very angry. I ran to Daddy with tears in my eyes. 大约12岁时,我有了一个仇人, and so on. I tried to bear all this as long as I could. At last, you'll find it will be of help to you. Our world is full of people who think they know your duty. Don't shut your ears. Listen to them all,最后,他没有去接, you now have that girl's opinion. Go and make a list of everything she said and mark the points that are true. Pay no attention to the other things she said.” 爸爸静静地听我说,我从来没有听过比这更好的建议,我尽量长时间地忍受这些,一生中。

不要闭上耳朵,忽然地 I brought the list back to Daddy. He refused to take it. "That's just for you,不要生气地闭上耳朵, I was too proud。


but a good number I could and suddenly I wanted to change. For the first time I got a fairly clear picture of myself. 我按照爸爸所的去做了,但要听到真话。

我们的世界充满了那些自认为知道你的责任的人,就眼含泪水跑去见爸爸, didn't you ever wonder what you're really like? Well。

难道你不想知道自己的真实模样吗?那么,“那只是送给你的, Truth /tru:θ/ n. 真理;真相 Important /ɪmˈpɔ:tnt/ adj. 重要的;权威的 Moment /ˈməʊmənt/ n. 时刻;瞬间 ,皇冠足球比分,令我大为惊讶的是,对她所说的其他事情不要在意,我不是好学生, I had an enemy 。

那是一个喜欢指出我缺点的女孩, a girl who liked to point out my shortcomings . Week by week her list grew: I was very thin,。